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Loop ✨


Loop ✨

I don’t know what to call this

I have been considering the oddities 

involved in meeting someone new.

Perhaps a dinning hall your sophomore year,

or at a frat party down a few blocks away

from your dorm, that house where rumbles

can’t be told apart from a passing el or a deep

base line. And the approach, an awkward intro

that inevitably leads me to shake, twitch my smile,

and say something just out of place enough to

make her uncomfortable. I regress, wish I hadn’t

said a thing and wish I never met her as soon as her

GPA becomes apparent. I wish I never met her

the moment I approached, when I realized, 

for a brilliant spilt of a second, that I am not

the man my father was. I am the man that lies

beyond a crowded dance floor, gazing gently 

into a passing girl’s eyes, just drowning for

a smile in my careful direction.

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—ambling through the hall

ways in 

her graceful manner—

discovered something

positively marvelous today among the


among the pupils,

among the plaques

and chipped pain of t

he ol

d catholic school.

she saw the 

tramps, and niggers, homosexuals

, and sadists.

she saw the

priests basking in sin

, she saw the lonesome birth

of a child,

the death of a nation.

she tilted her head

to the side,

and began to convulse 

—it was such a time

ly manner

just as the poor

little son of christ

approached her ear and whispered 

‘marry me,

my sweet


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midnight loves, forever,


the stains of saints

fallen behind the clouds

mouth-off the 

old anthem 

of charlie and I’s

lost romantic novel,

garnished by

the sanctity of throats.

(garnished by

the insanity 

of horror and

insomnious apathy. )

so close your eyes,

my sweet yasmin,

(for I too am enthralled

by the 


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I don’t have a drinking problem. I have a sober problem.

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telephone pole


             out of

the great

      barren lot—


the cracks

            in blacktop 

&sending the






       talk (&

some small



      on end,

    a stretch to sky,

she is slightly 


                              my reach.

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I just want to meet someone whom I can have a fucking semi-intellectual conversation with.

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"Only people of a certain disposition are frightened of being alone for the rest of their lives at the age of 26, and we were of that disposition."
High Fidelity
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